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The Multi-Faceted Agustin Arellano

Balancing multiple roles needs dexterity, stability, and poise. Agustin Arellano is adept at striking a perfect balance between polo, modelling, environmental stewardship, and personal life. He shares his experiences with LA POLO.


The Multi-Faceted Agustin Arellano

Agustin Arellano is a third generation polo player, son of Julio Arellano, one of America's top polo players with an eminent list of titles to his name, including four US Open Championships. He has been named among the Top 8 for XII FIP World Polo Championship for USA Team Roster. Apart from being the second highest-rated openly “out” polo player with a 3-goal handicap, he is also a philanthropist and a model looking to make a difference in the world, having a positive mindset. He has won more than 20 Cups as a professional polo player, including the Texas and Kentucky Open.
On the sport, he says: “People should care about polo because it showcases the incredible athletic abilities of both human and horses and is breathtakingly beautiful to watch.”
Arellano is a nature enthusiast and will host an event for Fauna and Flora, an organization he is an ambassador for, in August in Charlottesville, VA. Fauna and Flora is one of the oldest wildlife conservation organizations backed by the Royal Family. For this event, Arellano will be training polo ponies using Natural Horsemanship, also known as the “organic” method towards harvesting a safe environment for top-quality horses.
“I focus on wildlife conservation and activism, which comes directly from my mother and the deep love of animals that she instilled in my siblings and me,” he says.

Talking on his journey, he says: “The sport has taken me around the world, introduced me to inspirational people doing amazing things. It has created a love for horses and deepened my love for the natural world.”
His take on belonging to a polo family, and his guidance for younger players, is: “My family is loving and supportive. They are kind and wise. Having them so involved in the sport has allowed me an insight into all parts of the sport/polo world. It has only grown my love for the sport. Growing up I didn’t feel any pressure. As I have matured the pressure has changed, and I see it as a way to practice gratitude to be in the position I am in doing what I love.”
His dedication to wildlife conservation is incredible. “My love for wildlife and conservation came from my mom who I always compare to Mother Nature. Any stray animal you can think of, my mother has saved and raised in the house with us. She nurtured a deep love for animals from a young age in me. I balance this by trying to find the best way I can use my platform and the position I am in to give back in some way…whether by getting people involved in philanthropy or by taking the chance to learn about natural horsemanship which is something a great friend of mine and fellow player Eden Ormerod introduced me to, a couple of years back.”
He believes the sport is all about diversity and unity. “I hope that more players can share their experiences and journey to help create a safe environment for young athletes to feel accepted,” he says.

Playing in the World Cup was his childhood dream, and for his preparation, he states: “The first and only time it was won for the US, was with my father in Berlin  30 years ago. So, it means a lot to be able to represent the red, white, and blue colours. I am taking the months leading up to it very seriously. I have been training to be in the ultimate shape I can be.”


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