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Murano Glassware

The Carlo Moretti brand keeps the classic Murano glassware art alive. The technique evolved from the Roman times and was rediscovered in Venice around the 15th century.


Murano Glassware

The authentic Venetian murrine glass has remained an undying classic. Patience is required for this craft, which includes heating and melding tubes of multi-coloured glass, to produce kaleidoscopic flower designs. La Fornasotta's exceptional glasses, as well as Carlo Scarpa's Murrine vases for Venini and Eros Raffael's creations, convey the elegance of this traditional glassmaking process.

Carlo and Giovanni Moretti founded the Carlo Moretti brand in Murano in 1958. For more than 50 years, the Italian brand has merged historic know-how passed down from father to son with an always-current design vision, expanding the glassware well-known oeuvre. Their spherical sculptures use creative and bright lines to wrap around glasses, flutes, and vases.

They have combined the centuries-old tradition of master glassmakers with careful sensitivity to contemporary design and an artistic outlook. The products are unique pieces, mouth-blown and hand-finished, numbered and signed, authentic masterpieces of Murano glass art.

There are a variety of glassware, and a few of them are: 

EPTA glasses

Developed in collaboration with the designer Diego Chilò, the EPTA glasses with their transgressive and irregular shape, incorporate copper details. The copper integrated into the glass retains its colour, while on the outside it is burnished in a splendid anthracite colour. Blown by mouth and hand-finished, the EPTA are available in three colours in the transparencies that distinguish the company: Yellow, Orange, Green and in a luxury version with gold leaf decoration. 

BORA glasses

These are decorated in red and blue for a romantic toast. Born as if they had been pushed by the wind, the Bora are collector’s glasses with an irregular section and inclined profile. Blown by mouth and hand-finished, they are realized with different decorative motifs applied hot: murrina, little rods, festoons, speckles, streaks, coloured rings and spirals, gold and silver leaves, transparent and opaque. 


This is a small vase design conceived as a collector’s item and for just one flower. Vase blown by mouth and hand-finished with different decorative motifs applied hot: murrina, little rods, festoons, speckles, streaks, coloured rings and spirals, transparent and opaque. 

Dimensions: Ø 125 mm - H 170 mm

TALEA carafes

Mouth-blown directly into a stainless-steel frame as a handle, the TALEA are available in three different styles:

- Red band and black bottom

- Clear green and blue bands

- “lattimo” and ottanio grid

Dimensions: Ø 110 mm - H 270 mm

Murano Glassware in Rose

The pink is similar to the shades of the Venice stones and to the reflections of the sunset over the lagoon. The essence is of antique pink, a delicate and natural colour, expression of elegance and grace, in the Murano glass creations. Long and passionate research brings this unusual, unexpected and current nuance back from the past, confirming the inexhaustible poetry of glass and the charm of its workings.

Murano Glassware in Blue 

Bright as a summer sky, intense as the sea depths, blue is the precious colour of lapis lazuli and of refined oriental ceramics. Blue adds a touch of freshness to tableware accessories with decorative bands, spirals, and rings.

Thanks to the magic of the material, the expressiveness of the design, and the seductive power of colour, these are unique pieces.






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