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Quiet Luxury: A Byword for Subtle Elegance

Since spring this year, luxury couture has been swirling with whispers of change to usher in Quiet Luxury.

Quiet Luxury: A Byword for Subtle Elegance

Since spring this year, the upper echelons of the world of couture have been swirling with whispers of an upcoming change: the era of Quiet Luxury. The trend first shot to fame on the image-sharing platform Instagram–with brands like Ralph Lauren and Zara sparking it off. Eventually, local brands will also be playing catch up. But what, precisely, is quiet luxury? “Simply put, quiet luxury is new-age minimalism, with a larger focus on investment pieces and thoughtful shopping habits. While aesthetically similar to the minimalist movement we witnessed between 2008 and 2016 (Normcore), in terms of championing a neutral colour palette and rejecting logos, it’s all about curating a selection of high-quality wearable pieces that seamlessly work with the rest of your wardrobe,” say fashion pundits at Elle. 

Minimalist Renaissance
Also monikered, the stealth wealth aesthetic–given its subtle effusion of elegance–it has been slowly yet steadily gaining ground. Upmarket fashion houses have been taking note of it, with brands like Gucci swapping its usual monogram-infused maximalism for champagne knit dresses and boxy blazers during this year's London Fashion Week autumn/winter ‘23 collection, Elle further adds. Encapsulating a chic spirit, quiet luxury is a pared-back–some might call it bare–an evocative fashion statement.

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The Trend Starter
It is the polo-sport-associated luxury icon Ralph Lauren that is credited with starting off this trend. Gwyneth Paltrow’s double-breasted navy blazer from Ralph Lauren–that she wore during her much-publicised ski-accident courtroom trial– is a quintessential example of that. Many fashion watchers have also attributed quiet luxury’s exponential popularity to a specific event–model Sophie Richie’s summer nuptials. Richie’s nuptials were touted as the ultimate display of quiet luxury aesthetic in a wedding backdrop–given her simple, elegant wedding gown and simple makeup looks. As Euronews culture states, “The overall aesthetic of Richie’s wedding was extravagant yet not flashy and seems to have inspired people to aspire for a lavish lifestyle without going too over the top.”

Mainstream Appearances
But this trend wasn’t limited to real life; it also made an appearance in the reel life of the characters in the drama series Succession. The men wore perfectly tailored, usually bespoke, dark suits and logo-free baseball caps and Shiv, the only female sibling of the beastly Roy family, was dressed in neutral power pieces which subtly asserted her power and immense wealth.  

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Bespoke Appeal

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