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Rajasthan Tourism Partners with TIPA

The state of Rajasthan has always supported the growth of Polo as an important aspect of its “experiential tourism”. Besides, Polo and Rajasthan espouse the same values of tradition and excellence.


Rajasthan Tourism Partners with TIPA

Polo roots go back to ancient times. Celebrating the spirit of the sport in its modern essence, LA POLO The Indian Polo Awards (TIPA) recognized and lauded the unwavering determination of the players, families, and trainers who spent countless hours honing talent in the sport. Notable names of the Polo world gathered to crown the leaders. Leaders from a melange of industries came to honour the achievers.

Rajasthan, the incredible state of India, that boasts numerous havelis and palaces, where traditional fervour continues to rule the roost, matched step-in-step with the glamour of the sport that thrives on valour and finesse, where royalty and excellence are ancient pillars. Rajasthan is a truly vibrant state where modernity sits easily with tradition–just the way Polo is, an ancient pastime that is still enjoying limelight among fervent sports lovers.

H.H. Maharaja Gaj Singh of Jodhpur-Marwar and H.H. Rajmata Shubhangini Raje Gaekwad of Baroda graced the Awards event, inspiring young and old players to hold on to their oath to only strive for the best always.

The state of Rajasthan has always supported the growth of Polo as an important aspect of its “experiential tourism”. Countless tourists visit the state to experience the thrill of riding on the back of a ferocious beast while trumpets blare. The overall surreal scent of royalty in the sport has drawn tourists to polo clubs throughout the state.

The state of Rajasthan, where stories of this time-honoured sport are intermingled with many royal families, extended wholehearted support to be the partner for the second Edition of The Indian Polo Awards. Polo and Rajasthan, the royal state, are inextricably woven together, for posterity.



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