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Sir Pratap Polo Cup (14-Goal Tournament)

The Polo arena has witnessed some matches whose intensity to date goes unmatched, forever inked in the pages of this ancient game.

Sir Pratap Polo Cup (14-Goal Tournament)

Every sport has its iconic moments. Polo, with its illustrious history, has witnessed a handful of matches whose intensity to date is unparalleled. A browse through:


  1. Hurlingham Club Cup (1876)


The Hurlingham Club Cup played in 1876, is significant in the annals of polo history. This match is celebrated as one of the earliest documented contests during the start of Polo and was played at the prestigious Hurlingham Club in London. Now, if you're wondering what makes this Cup noteworthy? The answer is its role in formally establishing the rules in modern Polo. Throughout the match, the crucial and most pivotal regulations and standards were carefully worked out, which helped shape the sport's future. As a result, the standardisation of Polo happened, and a consistent set of rules was enforced.



  1. The Coronation Cup (1937)


The Coronation Cup was a major event that converted the game of Polo into a royal affair. It was a grand spectacle held at Cowdray Park in England and was attended by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. The riveting matches played in this Cup showcased intense competition between the British and US teams and epitomised the zenith of British polo prowess in that era. The victories secured by the British were taken as a sign of national pride. 




  1. Argentine Open (1949)


The finals of the Argentine Open of 1949th edition are an unparalleled chapter in Polo lore. Featuring two mammoths, Coronel Suárez and Ellerstina, the game was nothing short of a marathon as it endured staggering 56 chukkers, which demanded a lot of sweat and heart from the players. Ellerstina's team emerged victors in this exhausting and intense battle. This game was enough to engrave Ellerstina's name in Polo's history and elevate the Argentine Open's status for upcoming years. 




  1. Gold Cup Final (1978)


Cowdray Park also witnessed The Gold Cup Final of 1978 when the Hurlingham Polo Association's team triumphed against an Argentine counterpart. This marked the beginning of a historic turning point in international polo, where long-term dominance by the Argentine teams was subdued by a resonating victory by the British team. Hurlingham Polo's triumph was equivalent to a signal of a shift in the global Polo landscape, symbolising competitive evolution in the sport. 




  1. Sotogrande Gold Cup (2005)


The finale played for the Sotogrande Gold Cup, organised at the Santa María Polo Club in Spain, was another high-quality game that remains etched in the history of Polo. The clash occurred between La Indiana and White Birch teams, featuring top-notch skills and strategies. In this game, Adolfo Cambiaso, regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, was the key to victory for the La Indiana team. It is regarded as one of the few games that is celebrated for the intensity of the competition as well as for highlighting the legacy of legendary players.





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