Refund / Cancellation Policy

Refund policy

To request for a refund, kindly write to in the below mentioned format.

Subscriber ID
Order ID
Date of transaction
Reason for requesting for a refund/cancellation of subscription

Our effort will be to offer you a pro-rated refund for cancellations, if you choose to cancel the order you made, within 90 days of placing the order. In such a situation, if such cancellation is accepted by LPIPL, you will be refunded the value of the unshipped issues after deducting a service charge of 10% on the original value of the cancelled subscriptions and LPIPL shall be not liable for any claims made by You in this regard. However the cancellation request will not be entertained and no refund for such cancellations will be made, if the orders have been completed or if we have initiated the process of shipping either ourselves or through the vendors/ representatives whom we may appoint from time to time for this purpose. LPIPL solely reserves the right to refund the value of the cancelled subscription only in the circumstance deemed reasonable by you LPIPL and all decisions by LPIPL accepting and/or rejecting the request for cancellation by you, same shall be final and binding upon you. In no circumstance, you will receive a refund for a magazine received by you (whether in print or digital form). Should we have provided you with gifts along with your subscription, the value of the gifts to us shall also be adjusted against the refund that may be due to you. The value of the gift will be equivalent to the cost –of such gift paid by us and/or our representatives for the same including shipping and delivery, but not the market price and under circumstances where cost of such gift has been paid by way of value of the gift shall be determined by LPIPL at its sole discretion.

We will specifically write to you accepting and/or rejecting your request for refund/cancellation of subscription within 10 days of receipt of your request. If you do not hear from us then your request shall be deemed to have been rejected. In the event of a cancellation request due to non-delivery within 90 days of your order, you are requested to provide us an opportunity to remedy the situation within 15 days of your notifying us of such non-delivery. .

In the event that we are unable to have the product delivered to you within this remedy period of 15 days, La Polo International Pvt Ltd will be obligated to refund the entire value of your subscription which shall be at the sole discretion of LPIPL .LPIPL reserves the right to amend, alter, add or delete any of the terms stated herein at any time without giving any notice to the subscriber.
Under no circumstances shall the liability of LPIPL exceed the subscription amount paid by you to LPIPL for the issue in respect of which refund/cancellation is sought.

All disputes and differences in respect of refund/cancellation requested by you and/or arising out of any terms and conditions of the refund policy shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts at Delhi alone.