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BM Birla Polo Cup 2023

The BM Birla Polo Cup was organised from 9-24 September, with 10 competent teams squaring against each other, where players demonstrated skilful manoeuvring, making Mayfair win the pole position.

28 September 2023

BM Birla Polo Cup 2023
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 BM Birla Polo Cup was organised from 9-24 September, with 10 competent teams squaring against each other. Each tournament day was full of unexpected twists and turns, but what made it special was the fact that every team was composed of young players, heralding a new era. Of the 10 gifted teams, Team Mayfair emerged victorious and lifted the BM Birla Polo Trophy. The players displayed exceptional skills, positioning the team as the frontrunner for upcoming tournaments in the circuit. 


Day 1: 19 September

The first day of the six-goal tournament saw three matches lined up consecutively. The first was between Topchi and Chunda Polo, the second between Velocity 48 and Imer Dera Ashwa and the third between Jaipur Polo and Bangalore Greys.

In the first of the three matches, Topchi started with a 2-goal advantage, which Chunda Polo covered in the first half. Topchi resisted the attack in their best capacity. However, Chunda Polo, displaying fine horsemanship, scored amazing goals and won the match, 9 goals to 3.

In the second match, Velocity 48 dominated and scored 12 goals, with Imer Dera Ashwa starting with a 0.5-goal advantage; they showcased some good runs and scored fantastic goals. The final score of the match was 12 to 4.5, in favour of Velocity 48.

The third match was full of excitement as both teams gave an equal goal to win the match. Jaipur Polo and Bangalore Greys were both on equal scores till the end of the the third chukker. Jaipur Polo charged against the Bangalore Greys in the last chukker to score back-to-back goals and won the match with the score of 8 goals to 5.


Day 2: 20 September

On the second day of the tournament, polo enthusiasts were once again in for a thrill. The six-goal tournament saw three matches lined up consecutively. The first match featured Col Girdhari Singh’s ASC against Bangalore Greys and the second showcased Achievers against Imer Dera Ashwa, and the third pitted Mayfair Polo against V-Polo. In the opening match, both teams exhibited their prowess. They delivered fantastic runs and scored goals, resulting in a level score during the first half. However, in the second half, the ASC team surged ahead and netted goals that proved impossible for the Bangalore Greys. The final score of the match was 10-7 in favour of ASC.

In the day's second match, the Achievers Polo Team dominated the RPC ground against the Imer Dera Ashwa Team. Despite the latter starting with a 0.5-goal advantage, they managed to score only 4 goals compared to Achievers' impressive 17 goals. Achievers secured this victory with the highest goal difference of the season.

The third game of the day was intense and captivating as both teams battled for the top spot, treating the audience to outstanding polo. Mayfair Polo took the lead in the second half of the game, and although V-Polo made valiant efforts to catch up, they ran out of time. The final score for the match was 9-7 in favour of the Mayfair Polo Team.


Day 3: 21 September

The third day of the tournament was slated to host four matches. The first was set between Mayfair Polo and Topchi, the second between Jaipur Polo and Col. Girdhari Singh ASC, the third between Velocity 48 and Achievers, and the fourth between Chunda Polo and V-Polo.

Topchi began with a 2-goal advantage in the first match, which the Mayfair Polo Team easily overcame. In the battle to top the pool table and secure a spot in the seminals, the Mayfair Polo team scored goals consecutively, ultimately finishing the game with a real score of 13-5.

The match between Chunda Polo and V-Polo witnessed a spirited competition between the two teams. V-Polo scored early goals, establishing a comfortable lead that Chunda Polo later challenged, bringing the score nearly equal. In the final chukker, V-Polo's horses galloped to secure more goals, ultimately concluding the match in their favour with a score of 10-7.

The second and third matches of the day, scheduled between Jaipur Polo and Col. Girdhari Singh ASC and between Achievers and Velocity 48, were unfortunately impacted due to rain, and the matches were played the following morning.


Day 4: Semi-Finals

Date: 23 September

The first seminal was played between Velocity 48 and Achievers Polo. Velocity 48 Polo Team emerged victorious with a score of 7 to 5 goals, and secured a place in the finals.

In the second seminal, Mayfair Polo Team outperformed the Jaipur Polo Team and secured the final position with a score of 6 goals to 3.


Day 5: Final

Date: 24 September 

The final day of the tournament witnessed a power-packed play-off between the reigning champions of the semi-finals, Mayfair and Velocity. The close-knit match made the spectators hold their breaths till the final whistle, which saw Mayfair bagging the coveted Polo Cup by winning 7-6.  



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