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Dino Dhankar Becomes La Martina’s Global Ambassador

The young polo player grabbed headlines worldwide as Dino became the premier brand ‘La Martina’ global brand ambassador with his stellar performances throughout his career.

Dino Dhankar Becomes La Martina’s Global Ambassador

With superb performances year after year, Dino Dhankar, a young Indian polo player, has proved to be a driving force in the Indian Polo circuit. He has won numerous tournaments at a young age, and his charisma on the field translates with his fans and audience alike. Becoming La Martina's global ambassador, he takes Indian polo on a wide-scale frontier, making the country proud. 

Hailing from Argentina, La Martina is a prestigious brand in luxury clothing and accessories deeply rooted in the polo tradition. Established by the polo player Pablo Villamill, it initially specialised in crafting leather goods, including saddles and boots, exclusively for polo. As the brand flourished, it broadened its collection to include a variety of apparel, such as shirts and caps. While La Martina's designs draw inspiration from polo, the brand's elegant and athletic style resonates beyond the sport, attracting those who appreciate refined sportiness. La Martina's dedication to quality swiftly earned acclaim within the polo circles, subsequently becoming a quintessential component of the polo world.

La Polo shares an exclusive interview with this polo powerhouse. 

1. At a young age, you have been recognised as the brand ambassador for La Martina, how do you feel about the same?
It's an absolute pleasure for me to represent a prestigious brand like La Martina globally. I am also very excited about a great time with the brand and its upcoming future. 

2. What aspects of La Martina's brand values resonate most with you personally?
Particularly the atmosphere between people in the brand is absolutely amazing and very helpful, and the mutual idea between us of promoting polo around the globe in every possible way shines through in all our endeavours. 

3. How has the experience of being the brand ambassador for the global brand La Martina been?
It's been great. In the beginning, I was a bit nervous, as representing such a brand globally is not a small feat, but the team made me feel very welcome and didn't let me think that I was new to the brand. 

4. You recently visited the Guards Polo Club as a brand ambassador for La Martina, where they sponsored the prestigious Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother's Trophy. What was that experience like?
It was an absolute honour for me to witness Queen Elizabeth The Queen's Mother Trophy as it's the first high-goal tournament for the UK season, which was sponsored by La Martina, where I also got the opportunity to receive one of the best prizes of the game. I participated in the prize-giving ceremony after the finals, which were the MVP and Best Playing Pony, making it a great experience for me. 

5. What are some of your favourite pieces from La Martina's collection?
I like all kinds of products from La Martina, but if I had to choose, it must be the LM pro boots and knee guards. 

6. How does wearing La Martina apparel and using their equipment enhance your polo experience?
Definitely, it gives me a great feeling about the products that I have been using since the beginning, and now, representing the same brand gives me different confidence whenever I wear them. Also, all the equipment is well-planned and then designed so you feel comfortable and protected. 

7. Are there any upcoming collaborations or product launches you're particularly excited about?
There are definitely some great events coming up. One of them is in July, which will be a big surprise for everyone, and there will be more like it in the future.

Image Credit: Guards Polo Club



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