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Polo's Influence on Fashion

From the sunlit fields where mallets clash to the regal courts where fashion reigns, Polo has left an indelible mark on sartorial choices through the ages.

Polo's Influence on Fashion

Polo, often termed the “sport of kings”, has profoundly shaped fashion sensibilities across eras, weaving its majestic elements into the attire of royalty and the elite. Ralph Lauren, emblematic of quintessential American elegance, once remarked: “The polo shirt transcends mere sportswear; it epitomizes casual sophistication.”

Initially crafted to suit the game’s demands, the polo shirt—with its distinctive short sleeves and buttoned placket—soon transitioned from the polo grounds to everyday wear, embedding itself as a style staple among aristocrats and monarchs.


(President Eisenhower wearing a Polo shirt)

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The high-energy sport has left its mark on fashion, leading the affluent to associate it with bold colors, striking stripes, and contemporary designs. Fashion designers have skillfully blended these sporty elements with elegance, culminating in a classic look that has firmly established itself in the realm of royal fashion.


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Impact on Formal and Casual Wear


American actress and Princess of Monaco Garce Kelly stated: “Polo fashion bridges the gap between sophistication and comfort.”


People started adopting Polo-style attire as its influence gradually spread beyond the Polo field, impacting both formal and casual wear within royal circles. Nobles started enjoying themselves in the comfort provided by these clothes, due to which they found a permanent place within royal fashion. 


Polo has also made its mark in the accessories and footwear sectors. Riding boots, which were initially manufactured keeping in mind the practicality of the game, are a symbol of equestrian elegance. The beauty of these knee-high boots made with the finest of leather is unmatched. Queen Elizabeth II stated: “A pair of riding boots can transform an outfit into a statement of regal grace.”

Similarly, the helmet is a symbol of Polo's enduring legacy and remains a cherished item for polo enthusiasts.


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Polo belts, usually adorned with equestrian-themed buckles, have become a style statement. Prince William has stated: "A well-crafted polo belt is more than an accessory; it's a symbol of refined taste."


Source: https://polofactoryonline.com/product/mayo-polo-belt/


During the colder seasons, players are often seen wearing accessories such as scarves and shawls. These items have gained popularity and they feature intricate patterns and colours reminiscent of polo team uniforms. 

Source : https://www.etsy.com/market/polo_horse_scarf


Iconic Moments in Royal Polo Fashion

Going back in history, there have been many instances when Polo fashion became synonymous with royal glamour. One such moment was when Princess Diana donned a white polo shirt paired with high-waisted jeans during a polo match, giving a new definition to the word “casual chic” and making headlines worldwide. Her so-called effortlessly stylish look became a hallmark of her fashion legacy.


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