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Does Your Watch Have Mechanical Complexities?

22nd November 2018 | Delhi

The inventions in complex mechanical watches have surpassed all expectations with their appreciable craftsmanship, extensive intelligence, remarkable work of engineers and undoubtedly a huge amount of hard work over decades.

A man doesn't choose the watch but the watch chooses the man”. A complex watch is a piece of high-end engineering. To watch aficionados, watches are not just a timepiece. It's a living history passed on to by their ancestors, hallmark of their style, a bench of ambition, a touchstone of sumptuousness and a definition to their status.

A mechanical complex watch takes the utmost of precision and high concentration of men and machine to be able to produce the extravagant timepiece that not just tells time but surpasses all expectation of physics and time zones. Working with inexplicably small intolerances that have low limits or are tending towards zero makes these watches a possibility to exist. The perks of having a magnetic watch are to get answers to how gravity, magnetic field, time zones, the sun’s movement is responding to your displacement. A modern mega timepiece demands inaudible craftsmanship, outstanding feats of engineering, decades of works of artisans, eccentric intelligence and a huge amount of creativity.

A watch is just a watch, an instrument to measure time. Then why should you ponder about buying or wearing an extremely complex watch and spend a colossal amount of money?
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A complex watch is not just a simple wristwatch, a device t how the time. It displays your royalty, your incessant efforts of displaying the best of your persona. The audience will have their eyes widened at the wonder. An epitome of aristocracy. The mechanical movement of a complex watch are not just the ones that tell time and indicate a date. In watch making a ‘complication’ refers to a specific function that is complex and unique to design, implement and develop. There are various complexities that these mechanical watch pertain to, for example the elite crowd pleasing tourbillon or a minute repeater.

A tourbillon aims at countering the effects of gravity by mounting the escapement and balance wheel in a rotating cage. Effects of gravity on an escapement can have quite significant effects with slight variations in the position of the person.A tourbillon offers the watchmakers a possibility of higher accuracy than conventional movements.
Mechanical watches are purchased by people who value craftsmanship and aesthetics more than very accurate timing.
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The tourbillon is considered to be the most challenging of watch to make and is valued for its engineering and design principles.

A minute repeater is a complication that audibly chimes the hours at the press of a button or or pulling a lever. They originated before widespread artificial illumination to allow the time to be determined in dark. The repeaters have a mechanism that allows the pace of the repeater strikes to be changed.
Complex watches, The art of wearing watches, Mechanical watches, Complex mechanical watches, a Minutes repeater


Vacheron Constantin creates world's most complicated watch:
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Swiss watchmaker vacheron constantin claims to have made the most complex watch with 57 complications and 2800 components. It has six time measuring functions, seven perpetual calendar functions, eight hebrew calendar functions, nine astronomical calendar (showing civil, solar and sidereal time) functions,one lunar calendar function, one religious calendar function, four three-column wheel chronograph functions, seven alarm functions, eight westminster carillion striking functions and six other functions.in addition it feature an equation for time, sunset, sunrise, seasons, solstices, equinoxes and zodiac signs.

IWC Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia
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In 2011,IWC made their most complicated and most expensive wristwatch; the Sidérale Scafusia which is a part of portuguese collection. A benchmark of complex watches.

The subdial of this watch shows sidereal time which is based on the rotation of earth around a star. Another feature is the tourbillon that is with a constant force. It features a star chart display and a perpetual calendar display. It has 56 jewels and its power reserve is four days. It is made up of glass sapphire and anti reflective coating on both sides.

Christophe Claret 21 Blackjack
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The ultimate epitome of elegance with fun. The watch includes three popular casino games – blackjack, roulette and craps where all three of them have their uniqueness in display. The blackjack is hidden under the sapphire glass on the dial which shows small windows within covered with rhodium. Bones are hidden on the side of the watch, while the other game roulette can be found at the bottom of the watch. The strap is made of crocodile skin. The watch is in itself a remarkable invention.

Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon
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The model has received the title of one of the most complicated watches in the world. The Watch costs $ 1.3 million and have two dials with outer one silver and a beautiful artistry on the inner one. The inside of the watch is made up of royal blue making it an elite possession to have. The watch has a perpetual calendar, retrograde date, time zone and moon phase indicator,nine astronomical calendar functions, eight Hebrew calendar functions and seven alarms.

Complex watches, The art of wearing watches, Mechanical watches, Complex mechanical watches,Bulgari watch

The masterpiece that you can own with 18ct pink gold. The octo finissimo tourbillon monete watch is covered with an ultra-rare 4th century roman coin. The royal heritage and the history is well defined by this watch. Having it on the wrist is just being into another world of royalties. The complexity of the watch’s mechanical system is revealed by pressing the crown.