Nic Roldan hosted the 3rd Annual Sunset Polo & White Party, Antonio Aguerre, Poroto Cambiaso, Justin Daniels, Kris Kampsen

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Nic Roldan’s Sunset Polo & White Party 2018

23rd March, 2018 | Wellington, Florida

Nic Roldan hosted the 3rd Annual Sunset Polo & White Party at the Wanderers Club, Wellington, Florida.

Nic Roldan hosted the 3rd Annual Sunset Polo & White Party at the Wanderers Club, Wellington, Florida. The party is held each year to benefit Brooke, USA to whom Nic Roldan is an ambassador. Brooke is an organisation which helps alleviate the suffering of working equines in some of the world's poorest countries.
Thousands attended the Sunset Polo & White Party 2018, hosted by Nic Roldan which provided an entertaining evening highlighted by an exciting sporting event and Argentine asado, and raised more than $240,000. The evening began with an exhilarating sunset polo match, where three teams played in a six-chukker round robin polo tournament consisting of three two- chukker games.

The tournament kicked off with Team Brooke USA, made up of Antonio Aguerre (age 10), Poroto Cambiaso (1), Justin Daniels (2) and Nico Pieres (8), and Team Tito's Handmade Vodka, made up of Matt Bellissimo (0), Grant Ganzi (2), Kris Kampsen (6) and Nic Roldan (8), taking the field for the first game, where Cambiaso and Daniels each scored to secure the win for Team Brooke USA with a 2–1 finish.
With one win under their belts, Team Brooke USA then faced off against Team Provident Jewelry. Daniels scored two more goals; however, Calle and Porter snatched the win with a 4–2 victory for Provident Jewelry.
In the final game, Team Provident Jewelry challenged Team Tito's Handmade Vodka in a match that went down to the wire as both teams scored
one goal for a tie-game. Bellissimo scored for Team Tito's Handmade Vodka and Phillips for Team Provident Jewelry.

However, Team Provident Jewelry was declared the winner with a final cumulative score of five. Team Brooke USA finished in second place, while Team Tito's Handmade Vodka took third place.

Daniels, the highest scorer of the evening, was presented with the MVP award and the Best Playing Pony, sponsored by Cowdray Estate, was chosen by none other than Adolfo Cambiaso and went to Taquara, played by Aguerre of Team Brooke USA and owned by Mariano Aguerre.
Brooke USA ambassadors Jessica Jo Tate, Ramon Dominguez and Margaret Duprey, Brooke USA board members Marcia Kulak, John Nicholson and Laura Rombauer as well as Geoff Fear of Provident Jewelry, Grant Portier of Tito's Handmade Vodka, Curtis Pilot of the Pilot polo team and his players Gonzalo and Facundo Pieres were all present for the event hosted by Nic Roldan.

"Everything turned out great," remarked Nic Roldan . "A lot of people came out to support the cause and we were able to raise a great deal for Brooke USA. It was fun to get the next generation involved on the polo field. We had a really nice group of players. The work that Brooke USA funds around the world is really important, and it is really nice to promote it and help them out. We are very happy and we have a lot of people to thank."