Taste of London is around the calendar. Grab your tickets and fly off to London to get the experience which is certainly on top in the bucket list.

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Taste of London- What all to do?

9th June 2018 | London

A handful of days to go and the city of London will be coming up with the event for which all the foodies are waiting eagerly ~ Taste of London is around the corner people and here’s LA POLO’s list of “to-do’s” at the event.

Planning a vacation anytime soon, think no more! Without any second thoughts fly off to London to taste the best food made out of exclusive recipes by extravagant chefs at the most exotic restaurants of the city. It is finally the time we have all been waiting for.
Taste of London will start from 13th June 2018 to last till 17th June 2018. These five days can turn the normality of life into a thrilling experience garnished with spices.

Whom to expect?

The Finest Chefs
A troop of finest chefs are boarding to London to present their best recipes using their practiced techniques and exclusive skills.
Here’s whom you should expect at Taste of London-

1.Gregory Marchand – Frenchie, France
The man has ruled over the kitchen and taste buds of Paris and London by refining his cookery skills with the craft of talent. This year at Taste of London, Gregory Marchand will showcase his international inspired style by bringing into notice the long forgotten vegetables.

 Gregory Marchand – Frenchie, France
Gregory Marchand – Frenchie, France

2.Manoella Buffara – Manu, Brazil
Bringing limelight to the natural ingredients of Brazil, this star of the new generation is touching heights of success with a great speed. Her food is exclusive, starry and above all delicious. Do not miss to grab a plate of her distinct cuisine.

 Manoella Buffara Manu, Brazil
Manoella Buffara Manu, Brazil

3.Sean Gray — Momofuku Ko, America
Heading up Momofuku Ko restaurant, a 2 Michelin-starred crown jewel of David Chang, Sean Gray has defined fine modern dining in America. His cuisines travels borders and bring together a world in his food. Get ready to taste him!

 Sean Gray Momofuku Ko, America
Sean Gray Momofuku Ko, America

4.Niklas Ekstedt — Ekstedt, Sweden
Cooking on open-flame, this chef is here to fulfill your desires of primordial gastronom. Niklas touched stardom with his similar technique of cooking with ancient methods by only using fire at his Michelin-starred Stockholm restaurant.

Niklas Ekstedt  Ekstedt, Sweden
 Niklas Ekstedt  Ekstedt, Sweden

5.Magnus Nilsson — Faviken Magasinet, Sweden
Magnus Nilsson endless practice and perfection has made him the star of the culinary world. In the midst of the forest of Sweden lies his Faviken Magasinet, a 2 Michelin-starred restaurant. He is known for the perfection with which he presents his art of cooking, and at Taste you have the privilege to have food straight out of his hands.

 Magnus Nilsson — Faviken Magasinet, Sweden
Magnus Nilsson Faviken Magasinet, Sweden

Book your tickets now before you miss a chance to see these great chefs cooking.

The Best Restaurants
Taste of London will be giving you an opportunity of the lifetime to have the best restaurants from around the globe at one place under one roof only for the foodie inside you.
Here is the list of top restaurants you must look upto:

  • Meraki- Greek
  • Asia de Cuba- Fusion
  • Smoke & Salt- Modern Europe
  • Freak Scene- Pan Asia
  • Rohit’s Kitchen- Indian
  • Club Mexican- Vegan
  • Gul and Sepoy- Indian
  • Sorella- Italian
  • Bar Douro- Portuguese
  • Hutong- Chinese
  • Claw- Seafood
  • Cinnamon Bazaar- Indian
  • Bombay Bustle- Indian
  • Duddell’s London- Cantonese
  • The Begging Bowl- Thai
  • El Pastor- Mexican
  • Ikoyi- West African
  • James Cochran EC3- British
  • PappaRich- Malaysian
  • Salon- British
  • Motu Indian Kitchen- Indian
  • The Cheese Bar- British
  • Barrafina- Spanish
  • Bao- Taiwanese
  • Corazon- Mexican
  • Bala Baya- Middle Eastern
  • Sagardi- Basque
  • Yosma- Turkish
  • Kricket- Indian
  • Action Against Hunger 5 Star Restaurant- Spring and summer rolls
  • Hoppers- Sri Lankan
  • Sartoria- Italian
  • Bubbledogs- American
  • Roka- Japanese
  • Club Gascon- French
  • Chai Wu- Chinese

The list is undoubtedly long but not a single participating restaurant is meant to be forgotten from the checklist. They have their speciality to offer at the best in the big event.

The Crafty Skills
1.Ketel One Vodka Kitchen
A one stop place where you can pull up your sleeves and bring out the skills to craft your own Bloody Mary with several other interesting cocktails.

Ketel One Vodka Kitchen
Ketel One Vodka Kitchen

2.Laurent-Perrier Rose with Masterclass
Experience the masterclass effort of Laurent-Perrier Rose with Indie ecology and explicit cuisines at the Taste of London. The official partner of the event has collaborated with the top chefs to celebrate 50 years of Cuvee-Rose, the revolutionary champagne.

Laurent-Perrier Rose with Masterclass
Laurent-Perrier Rose with Masterclass

3.Johnnie Walker Experience
The founder has come up with the workshop whereby one can try hands on creating one’s own blend of whisky. At the event, get a chance to know the real story, struggle and art of blending from the expert.

Johnnie Walker Experience
Johnnie Walker Experience

3.Majestic Wine Tasting Club & Bar
The place where you will be offered a exciting and masterclass journey with the experts offering the best wines. Get ready to drink like an Italian and take big vin.

Majestic Wine Tasting Club & Bar
Majestic Wine Tasting Club & Bar

That’s all for now pals. So grab your tickets, tighten your seat belts and fly high to the city that is calling the foodie in you.

***Four days to go. Hurry Up!***