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Why You Should Say - Thank You United Chrono!

3rd August, 2018|

A platform that helps you build your luxury watch collection so strong that you can confidently flaunt it!

Luxury watches are now a symbol of class and statement of fashion around the globe. Be it analog watches or digital watches or even the latest smartwatches, the market of this category of wrist decorators is playing it big. But, how the overall attraction towards luxury watches evolved or is it even for everyone? I am sure these are the questions that hit the mind of all of us! Well, to give the answers, LA POLO indulged in a conversation with a brand who is in itself the synonym of trust. Yes! We are talking about United Chrono - the one-stop destination to make your luxury watch collection worth flaunting.

LA POLO: How the fascination in populace regarding luxury watches has matured over the years?
UNITED CHRONO: I think there are a few reasons why people matured more in the world of luxury watches. The first one is more money. People make nowadays much more money than a few years before. And when you have a lot of monetary resources you look for things to do, things to buy. What I have noticed is that when people start to make money, the first thing they buy is an expensive watch. Something to show to the world and to remind themselves of their accomplishment, you could even say it is a modern trophy.

The second reason is the internet. They see movie stars, rock stars and other big ceo’s spend a lot of money, fly in jets, wear expensive jewellery and wear the latest (very expensive) fashion, and all are shown on Instagram, youtube, Facebook and Snapchat. When you see things like that and get bombarded with ads from big luxury brands, you know that that is a goal where you want to go. People are very much influenced by the things they see. And don’t forget the social pressure, you are only successful when you wear a Rolex, and you have made it when you wear a Grand Complications from Patek Philippe or a custom Richard Mille. So this group copies other successful people, you could say they are the starters.

The third group that has seen a big rise the last year, are the “investors”. Because of the first 2 groups, the price of the watches rises and keeps on rising. Every year after Basel you know 100% that certain brands raise their price for their watches. And that is why we have a certain group of people who buy watches not for themselves, but for investing from United Chrono. It is a new trend and it has just started, so people are making a lot of money now and going to make more money in the future. There are certain models of Patek Philippe or Richard Mille that had a 50-80% rise in price in the last 6 months. I think personally that some will break through the 100% line in a few months.

That is also one of the reasons why United Chrono is a success from the beginning. The rumour that we could get very rare watches started spreading among the wealthy people from all over the world. So we see that we get a lot of people who buy their watch not for themselves but for investing. As a matter of fact, we have a few Indian customers who do just that. It works in 2 different ways, or they ask for a certain watch because they know there is a lot of demand for it, or they say, we have a budget of let’s say 1 million euro and we need the best watches to buy for investment. What we do is then we go searching for the best ones, the ones we know (from the signs in the market and of course our connections) have the highest chance of growing in price a lot and then we deliver it to the customers. They are sometimes sealed because when watches are sealed they are seen as more valuable. We then advise our customers to keep them in a vault for 12 months or more and then eventually sell them.

We know all of us love luxury watches. But, not everything is for everyone. Just like clothing and accessorizing changes according to personalities, so does wearing watches. To understand this, we asked United Chrono to pick up a watch for a particular persona.

 United Chrono luxury watch 2018

LA POLO: If United Chrono is to give some ‘decorating the wrist tips’, what are the best picks by the company for - an old-schooled man, an ambitious woman, a funky guy, a shy girl, a travelista dude and a glam chick?
UNITED CHRONO: We are very happy and very grateful to have customers from all over the world, from Europe to Japan, USA, India, South Africa, China and many more countries and one thing that we very much appreciate is the different cultures, and the different ways people think and dress and feel luxury. As Olivier Rousteing once said, “The greatest luxury is to remain true to yourself” and that is what we notice what people do, so in regard to this question I try to remain as close to the person as possible but seen from a Swiss guy :)
Old schooled man:This has only 1 answer, a Patek Philippe Complications or Grand Complications. Patek Philippe is known to be the go-to watch by Royalty since the beginning and is still the number one choice for people who think and live in a classical stylish way. So, in this case, I would go for the Grand Complications 5374, which is made of pure platinum and is seen as one of the masterpieces of Patek. With a minute repeater, perpetual calendar and a moon phase display it is personally one of my favourite watches.

Ambitious woman: An ambitious woman has to be fast, know the time and show that she is a force to be reckoned with in meetings and have the elegance of class. So she should have a powerful watch that communicates al that. In this case, I wouldn’t go for the usual girl watches, and to be honest, the time that women only wear watches for women and men wearing watches for men is over. We have one Chinese customer who only orders Richard Mille’s lady watches and many female customers who don’t even want to think to buy a ladies watch!For the ambitious woman, I would choose the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Tourbillon Chrono, with rosé gold. The watch is very unique and not many people have this watch. It is open-worked so you can see all the details, it looks very strong but still has its elegance with the rosé gold and white.

Funky guy: A funky guy needs a funky watch. A watch that you just know that when you go somewhere people will see your watch and just have to see it. So, in this case, I would choose 2 watches for him. The first one is the obvious Richard Mille, but a more special one, the RM 52 also known as Tourbillon Skull. All black, ceramic and carbon nanotubes.The other watch, which is very rare and truly unique it the Hublot LaFerrari Aperta MP-05. This watch is also unique for Hublot as it is the only watch which has 637 components. And here it comes, there are only 50 of them made. And yes, we have a few in stock!
Shy girl: This is a difficult one, as the first thing I would pick is a watch that is not too notable, but in this case I would go not for the usual Rolex Sky-Dweller everose gold, but the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1P 40th Anniversary model. The reason why, is something a bit deeper, like the girl her character this watch is deeper than you may see the first time you see it. It looks like the usual 5711 but in this case, the watch is platinum and it is a special edition that celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Nautilus model. So the people who know watches see it and think that she knows what she is wearing and knows her class, but when people start talking to the girl and she opens up and they get a chance to see her watch, then they see she has the special edition, a side of the Nautilus that not many people get to see.
Travelista dude: So for this guy I was thinking of a watch that is sporty, can handle all the traveling, but will also be in its place in a fine dining Michelin starred restaurant in Paris, but also while being on the beach in Hawaii. So he needs a watch that can handle some bumps, can handle the sea, activities and still look fab in the places where it is needed to be chique: Rolex Daytona White Gold. This Rolex is not only waterproof to 100 meters, is of 18 karat white gold, but has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal “glass”. And that’s one of the important things needed when traveling a lot. You bump your watch onto tables, when you pick your hand luggage out of the compartments etc. you need a watch that can handle some pressure.
Glam chick: For her we need a watch where she knows she will steal the show. So no usual diamonds and glitters, that’s what other people expect. But it still has to have that glitzy feel, something shiny that gets people their attention. I would choose for her the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak “Frosted” white gold. It is not full with diamonds as you would expect with the name: frosted. The watch looks all shiny and it looks like it’s got an almost diamond like surface, but it is because of a special technique, called the Florentine technique that it has that look. It consists of a small tool that hammers on the surface of the watch and it creates very small facets which gives it the diamond shining feel. And when people ask our Glam Chick about the watch, she can say that there are only 200 of them made.
The world of luxury is large and watches is the most bold category out there. United Chrono aims to provide the best from the world of luxury to you so that just like watches stand apart in the various categories of lush lifestyle, so do you! But, who is United Chrono? We are sure you guys are curious to know about them! Well, here you go!

LA POLO:Every brand has a story behind it! What is United Chrono’s recital?

UNITED CHRONO: Like everything in life, it starts with desire. Whether it is the desire to have something which is not available or difficult to get by, or just the desire to get something you've always dreamed off. Fulfilling this desire can be an exciting quest, but can also just be... frustrating. Today luxury brands have a market position envied by most others brands, the demand is higher than ever. Stores and sellers know this and have created a world of their own. They get to decide who is next in line for the finest timepieces for instance. Where once the waiting list was logically justifiable because of the time needed for the artisans to make something by hand and the list was based on first come or loyal customers. Nowadays the untransparency leaves customers guessing and knowing the manager of a store gives you a better chance to first choice. We took notice of this and witnessed the frustration growing amongst our friends and acquaintances. Because of this, we started United Chrono. We're breaking status quo and are solving the problem of these well known waiting lists. And driven by our passion for the beautiful things in life, we have made doing something we love into a valued service. We started by having only 1 word in our vocabulary: yes!

We never ever say no to customers. If he or she wants a certain watch, we can and will deliver, period. And so far we have been very lucky with our customers, they are very patient and know how it works. They know that when they go to a store for example for a special Patek Philippe they will pay the “retail” price, but they have to wait, sometimes up to 5 years for certain models. With us, it works a bit differently, they choose a watch or send us a message about a certain watch they are looking for, and if we don’t have it in stock, we go looking for it. It usually never takes longer than a few days before we find it. And our customers know that that’s why they are willing to pay that little extra more, to get their watch now. When you have your network, things go very fast in this world.
If you wish to know more about luxury watches and United Chrono or want to experience the ‘UC’ family’s impeccable services, then
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