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Jaipur Rugs In Collaboration With Gauri Khan | India Design 2019

The entire inspiration of Gauri Khan’s collection and Jaipur Rugs

Jaipur Rugs, one of India’s leading manufacturer of hand knotted rugs displayed some of its fascinating designs, knitted not just out of hand but out of stories from the heart. On our tour in India Design 2019, Yogesh Chaudhary, Director Jaipur Rugs read us some of the spellbinding fables behind the becoming of the rugs.

India Design 2019 | Jaipur Rugs Yogesh Chaudhary

During the tour, Yogesh opened on how Jaipur Rugs cultivate handmade carpets out of 600 villages in the country. Walking through, he brought us closer to the “Manchaha Collection”, wherein, the “artists have the freedom to design whatever they want”. In an one to one conversation with LA POLO, Yogesh Chaudhary sang to us the fable of the awarded “Antar Rug” that “was made by three artists.” Taking us closer to the rug, he elaborated, “if you see at the bottom of the rug, there are almost three different design panels. The artists started to make their own designs and they were not really talking to each other and if you once start going upwards, you see that two of them started to coordinate, as it is displayed in the design. Now, during this time, Diwali came but the third one was sick, so the other two guys decided to go to him. As it was Diwali, they took sweets while they went to see him. They had sweets together and that’s how they became friends. Thereafter, they all three started to coordinate. Thus, its name ~ Antar Rug, that is essentially like there differences kind of came together because of this rug weaving. Not just this, but this rug has been a very popular one, so much that it has been awarded at many places.”

India Design 2019 | Jaupur Rug
India Design 2019 | Jaupur Rug

Proudly exhibiting the collection Yogesh also told LA POLO that all of these one of a kind unique art pieces are created in the villages and is going to some of the best homes in the world.

Yogesh Chaudhary On His Collaboration With Gauri Khan
Jaipur Rugs recently collaborated with Gauri Khan who shared a common understanding of artistic rug just like them. Talking about the Gauri Khan collection, Yogesh Chaudhary unveiled, “the entire inspiration is the home of the weavers. We went around the villages across India, took a lot of photos of the village homes and used those textures to rugs in striking modern colors.” Showing one of the rugs from Gauri Khan collection, Yogesh said, “so this one is how the villagers use cow dung to put outside the home and then they take broom sticks to make lines and designs.” The whole texture was portrayed down on the rug.
India Design 2019 | Jaipur Rugs Yogesh Chaudhary


The other rug that Yogesh showed LA POLO was a rug adopted from the windows of the village homes. “This rug particularly shows the windows in the rug that are specific part of the home of different artist with whom we work across the country.”

India Design 2019 | Jaipur Rugs Gauri Khan

The entire collection of Jaipur Rugs celebrates the art that is hidden in the small villages and streets of India. It is there way of celebrating Incredible India!